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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dawn of a new Era

I know it has been a really long time since my last post.  All the tips and tricks I have been sharing have been on my Journey to Incredible Health Facebook page.  I started it as a closed page because I had the idea that this would be full of group challenges that may have sensitive information that people may want to keep in the closed group.  Instead it has been a page of tips, tricks, research and meal ideas.  There may still be challenges ahead and if needed I'll start another page but for now I would like everyone to have access so it has been changed to "public".  Feel free to Like and Follow the page as you see fit.

So what is this blog going to be about going forward?  I have felt that I have lost my vision for this blog.  I started caring about what people think.  Stupid, I know.  This is my journey.  People will have opinions and want to debate and I enjoy avoiding conflict at every turn.  I will not get in your face and argue with you unless you are threatening my family.  Yes, I will get on my soap box from time to time and when I do I lose the ability to harness my words and consider what they are doing to others.  I know that is not good so I'm working on that.  I see some things very plainly about our food industry and what it is doing to our health.  I'm losing friends and family to disease and it's overwhelming how much needs to happen to change the way we think about food and our environment.  I feel small to affect any change. 

So here's my intention for this blog:

  • Be as honest as I can about my struggles and the landscape of my thoughts and feelings.  I'm terrible at this.  I want to encourage people and it's hard to be "negative" which is what my feelings and struggles are at times.  I do realize that in the struggle others can relate to me and in my overcoming the challenges, others gain their own confidence.  This is also a vulnerable place for me and being vulnerable is hard for me.  I'm determined to go there.  No matter how it makes you look at me.  No matter what judgement you place on me.  I will open up and tell you how I really feel.  I don't know if this blog will grow or slack off but I'm past caring.  I just want a platform to help people and if it only draws 10 people a week that's better than helping 0 people from staying quiet.
  • Be consistent with posting.  My journey has continued all this time but I have this idea that no one cares.  Not in a bad, poor me kind of way.  Just an honest, who really cares kind of way.  So you might not care, you might.  Either way, I'm good.  This is a documentation of my journey.  Period.
  • Be non-confrontational and non-judgmental about where you are in your journey.  I pray you will do the same with me.  I will point you to the research and you can read or watch whatever I show you and form your own opinion.  Not everyone is sitting around reading and researching this stuff like Cliff and I and I want to help those people.  Those who are confused and overwhelmed with the messages we are getting every week.  Those who don't have time to care but just want to better their health.  
So there you have it.  More to come this week on my next cool adventure.  You can hardly wait for the next blog right??   All three of you :)